What our sick furry friends cannot say in words, they will demonstrate it through behavioral changes as well as symptoms. According to experts, cats and dogs, in particular, cannot be able to tell us when something does not feel good or something hurts. However, the pet owners that see them in a daily manner will start to realize that when they are not just being their real selves. Certainly, any change in the behavior of your pets from what their regular behavior is actually a very important reason why you should see a veterinarian right away.  


According to vets, you should pay special attention to the health of your cat. This is due to the fact they less likely to show their owners that they are sick and sometimes, cat owners might be less attentive to them compared to dogs since they’re more independent.   

In order to help you realize what you should look for, we asked some experts to provide important signs that means you need to visit or call a veterinarian right away and save the health of your pet. But, the golden rule is that if you’re concerned anything that your pet shows or if you believe that there’s something wrong with them, go to your vet as soon as possible.   

Diarrhea or Vomiting  

Dogs and cats vomit on occasion, usually even though they’re not seriously ill. As a matter of fact, a puppy who is playful and eating as well as been outside eating junk and leaves and vomits then goes back means there’s nothing to worry about.  

However, if a pet vomits several times in just one day, lacks appetite as well as acts lethargic, experts said that it needs the attention of veterinarians right away. Another serious symptom of your pet is the blood in their vomit or if they are throwing up digested blood, which looks like coffee grounds. In addition to that, gastric ulcers can also cause bloody vomit and if they swallow a foreign object, it can also irritate their stomach and can cause them to vomit. According to expert veterinarians, they have already treated cats and dogs that have gulped down socks, sharp bones, mittens, underwear, string, towels, fish hooks, corn cobs, tinsel, and even toy soldiers.  

Decreased Activity and Lack of Appetite  

These pet symptoms are actually vague, however, if they persist, it’s very important that you have them checked by a professional veterinarian for causes. Cats and dogs actually stop eating for a lot of reasons, including stress, pain or fever. An absent or reduced appetite, most especially if it will last for more than one day, is actually a reason why you should bring your pet to the veterinarian.   

Cats typically suffer more dire consequences the moment they stop eating. A dog might be picky sometimes and does not eat his dinner because he is waiting for human food, expert says. But, with cats, you have got to be more careful since if they go at least two days without eating anything, most especially a cat that that is overweight since they can develop fatty liver. If this is the case, it’s important that you contact Natalie Darcy right away.