If you have been tasked to handle the snow removal job on your own property, you must know how difficult it can be. As a matter of fact, many health experts say that shoveling and snow blowing can be potentially dangerous to one’s health if they are not performed in the right way. 

But if you still have to do the job anyway, the least you can do is to do it properly so as to lower the risks of injury. You need to follow certain precautions to remove snow without damaging your body. The things that you can do are the following:   

 Snow Removal

  1. Consult with your doctor. 

Shoveling is considered as an intense exercise. It can possibly raise your heart rate and blood pressure. If you’re older than 40 years old, have a history of heart problems, and are prohibited from doing extraneous exercises, it is best that you consult a doctor before doing any snow removal-related tasks. 

  1. Choose the right tools and equipment.

It’s highly recommended that you choose a shovel that is just right for your height. That way, you don’t have to bend your body too much. When you buy snow removal tools and equipment, purchase the ones that feel comfortable to your grip so you don’t have to adjust too much.  

  1. Do some stretching.

Don’t go out there and immediately shovel the snow. Warm up your body by performing some stretches. A 10-minute light warm-up exercise is highly advised. Don’t shovel for hours either. Take frequent breaks to rest and hydrate.  

  1. Shovel early.

Don’t wait for the snow to pile up really high before doing the task. Shoveling heavily packed snow is a very difficult task. Instead, shovel early on and a bit often than necessary to prevent build-up. Doing so will drastically lighten up your load.  

  1. Push the snow.

Pushing the snow is easier than lifting it. Even if you consider yourself as fully fit and able, don’t attempt to lift the snow and throw it over your shoulder. You shouldn’t even throw it sideways because the twisting motion can put a lot of stress on your hips and back. 

  1. Use the snow blowing equipment correctly. 

Every snow blowing equipment is manufactured in a certain way. If you’re going to use one, be sure to read the instruction manual first. Never stick your hand into the chute. Instead, dislodge any debris using a solid object and not your hands. You should always shut off the engine when refueling. Don’t leave the snow blower running unattended and whenever you’re using it, always be mindful of where the power cord is. All of these will prevent injuries arising from untoward accidents. 

To ensure that you enjoy hassle-free and stress-free services, hire professionals for the job. If you live in Connecticut, look for companies that are considered as the best in snow removal CT. Doing so gives you full peace of mind knowing that your lawn is snow-free and you don’t have to handle the task yourself.